Wooster Area Safety Council Awards ArtiFlex The Achievement Award

ArtiFlex Manufacturing was awarded the Achievement Award from the Wooster Area Safety Council in June 2020.  The Achievement Award is given to businesses that have had a 25% or more reduction in incident rate from the previous year.  Our employees and Safety team members have worked diligently to increase emphasis on workplace hazard reduction, training supervisors on identifying departmental hazards, accountability for associated corrective actions, and increasing employee knowledge on hazards and preventative actions they can take to stay safe.

In addition to keeping our employees safe, reduced injuries result in lower workers comp premiums, lower medical costs, and higher productivity.  Companies with lower injury rates tend to have higher employee morale, higher retention rates, and better quality and production indicators as well.

Reduced injuries have led to the ArtiFlex Gerstco Group being able to reduce our lost workdays and generate some of the lowest lost workday rates in company history.  ArtiFlex is proud of the hard work and safety culture that our employees are creating for themselves and our business.

The Wooster Area Safety Council’s Mission is to promote health & safety at work, home, and in the community by providing education, programs, and resources to help reduce personal and economic loss associated with accidents, injuries, and health hazards.  As a long-time member of the Wooster Area Safety Council, ArtiFlex attends the monthly meetings to increase our safety knowledge and have access to resources that help create a safe work environment for our employees and community.

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