The Automation Group

Contact the Automation Group of ArtiFlex if you need help with or have questions about:

  • Robotic Spot Welding, Robotic MIG Welding (Aluminum and Steel)

  • Alternative Joining (Self-Piercing-Rivets, TOX (Clinch), laser welding)

  • Robotic Adhesive Dispense (Hemming, Structural, Gaskets, Foam)

  • Robotic Roller Hemming and Press Hemming Cells

  • Metals Hardware (Resistance welding, Drawn-Arc-Stud, Capacitive Discharge, Clinch, Pierce-clinch, Riv-Nuts, Flow-Screws)

  • Plastics Injection Mold Tending, inspection, machining, and assembly.

  • Plastics Assembly (adhesive, heat-stake, mechanical fasteners)

  • Aluminum Extrusions processing (machining, piercing, welding, assembly).

  • Palletizing and Material Handling

  • Other: Friction-Stir Welding, Flow Drill Screws, Roll Forming Lines with laser welding.

Automation Facility

Grand Rapids, MI

Address: 3910 Roger B Chaffee Mem Dr, Grand Rapids, MI 49548

Phone: 616.956.5500

Fax: 616.828.5858

Office Hours: Monday – Friday | 8 am - 4:30 pm
(Shipping and receiving details below)



All Deliveries go to the shipping and receiving dock at the North-East corner of the building

Shipping and Receiving Hours: Mon. - Fri. | 8 am – 3:30 pm

For shipping and delivery information, email:

Shipping Office Phone: 616-956-5500 ext. 8196

Contact the Automation Group