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ArtiFlex Design & Innovation Group

Design Integration. Engineering R&D. Concept Builds.

Concepts Turned Into Reality

The ArtiFlex Innovation Group specializes in the ability to turn a concept into an engineered solution. We internally validate our engineered solution and provide the confidence for our customers to launch the product we provided.

Innovating With The Automotive Industry

ArtiFlex has developed our culture as an Innovative, Problem-Solving, Partner to support the velocity of the transportation industry. Our capabilities (design & Engineering, die construction, assembly, automation and Tier 1 production) allow us to execute successful projects that exceed expectations for timing, quality, and value.

Experts in Prototyping

The ArtiFlex Innovation Group designs Niche Vehicles; partnering with our customers from the initial concept through production. These projects range from: base vehicle modifications, reconfiguration including structural modifications, and ground up new vehicles.

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