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ArtiFlex Automation Group

Flexible Robotic Welding, Hemming, and Integrated Assembly Solutions

Automation That Drives Production and Assembly

Our Automation Group produces high-quality hard automation and robotic cells, as well as retrofits to existing systems for new products. We have in-house capabilities for every aspect of your project, including applications engineering, mechanical design, FEA analysis, robotic-simulation, and programming, virtual commissioning, controls hardware design and PLC programming, fabrication, assembly, panel build and electrical, and program management.

Crucial Experience - Complex Commodity Types

  • Automotive sheet metal assemblies including body structures and closures.
  • Structural metal assemblies requiring MIG welding.
  • Aluminum extrusion value-add processes and assemblies.
  • Injection molded plastic assembly and press tending.
  • Automated assembly systems requiring bonding, screw driving, and leak testing.
  • Capital equipment improvements and automation.
  • Roll form line accessories (coil welders, laser welding booths, cut-off systems, automated offload).

Technologies That Get The Job Done

  • Welding processes including resistance spot welding (steel and aluminum), MIG welding (steel and aluminum), Cold Metal Transfer (CMT) MIG welding, laser welding, friction-stir welding.
  • Fastener attachment using pedestal resistance welding, pierce and clinch fastening, capacitive discharge welding, and rivet fastening.
  • Adhesive dispense (Weld-thru, hemming adhesive, anti-flutter, and sealing adhesives).
  • Alternate joining technology (Flow Drilled Screws, Self-Piercing Rivets, Clinch joining).
  • Automated assembly and testing (screw driving, leak testing, thermal/electronics testing).
  • Custom machining, forming, and laser cutting equipment.

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